Tuesday, November 24, 2020

How to Create a Website - Full Website Tutorial

Learn how to create your own stunning, professional web presence - exactly the way you want. Click the link to start! http://www.wix.com/DavidLeeEdTech In this video we’ll be talking about Wix, a website builder that has been used by over 180 million users around the world. This is my 10th year in using Wix for my own online presence. I credit a lot to my Wix site. It helped me get my first job as an educator, and helped me share my content and spread my influence to other educators around the world (www.davidleeedtech.org). Whether you are a photographer, store owner, entrepreneur, or an educator like me, with its new tools, Wix not only helps you create a professional website, but it can help you design a customized logo, create promotional videos, and get discovered in search engines. It’s a one-stop-shop to help you market your brand. Transcript: http://bit.do/tutorial-transcript Video Timestamp Create a site and choose a template 1:32 Editing Text 3:07 Animation 3:24 Get Text Ideas 3:35 Grouping Elements 4:15 Page Background 4:48 Strip 5:44 Anchor 6:54 Menu & Pages 7:16 Wix Pro Gallery 8:13 Crop & Edit - Photo Studio 9:25 Create a Video 10:24 "Welcome" Lightbox and other Interactive Elements (Slideshows, Lightboxes, and Hover Boxes) 11:05 Add Text Boxes 12:15 Preview 12:50 Button 13:09 Video 13:50 Music 14:20 Spotify Player 14:28 Wix App Market 15:05 Instagram Feed 15:35 Anchor Menus 16:13 Blog 16:47 Bookings 18:02 Contact & Forms 18:42 Wix Chat 19:05 Store 19:17 Drag Button 20:35 Wix Logo Maker 21:04 Favicon 22:30 Mobile Version 23:05 Site History 24:45 Wix SEO Wiz 25:00 Music from epidemicsound.com “Jakarta” by Bonsaye https://www.epidemicsound.com/track/YOhNIQJXnZ/