Monday, March 30, 2015

The STEMedu "Startup": Developing & Implementing a Unified STEM Program (#Learning2 Conference)

This is the video trailer for my extended session, "The STEMedu Startup," for Learning2 2015.
In my workshop attendees will:
  • Experience hands-on STEM activities that involve prototyping, experimentation, and tinkering through an innovative design approach.
  • Attendees will also learn effective implementation strategies and develop a framework in designing a successful STEM program for their school.
  • Finally attendees will learn about the transdisciplinary component of STEM and how multiple disciplines can be integrated through culminating challenges.
For more information on the extended session, please visit this page:
To register for the Learning2 conference in Asia please visit their website:
I would like to thank Katie Fleetwood, Jon Barry, Sarah Donaldson, Katie Thomas, Helen Nam, Alice Ahn, and Amy Cabaluna for being in the video. Also a special thanks to Megan Godek for some of the footage!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Storage in the Cloud for Teachers

Cloud storage is an awesome option for students and teachers who don't have enough storage space on their laptops or mobile devices. Cloud storage services will allow you to access all your files anywhere (desktop, phones, laptops, or tablet), share files with your colleagues, and organize them in folders or albums. Additionally, if your computer ever crashes or gets destroyed, you will still have access to your files on your different cloud storage services.