Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Google Drawing as an Assessment Tool!

I was told that my 2nd grade students were learning about maps in their homeroom classes. I decided to offer the 2nd grade teachers an alternative way of assessing their students’ map skills. 

Using Google Drawing, I created a map template that I shared with all the students, which included a body of water and a map key. All the students made a copy of the template and started to create their world. They utilized the Maps and Globes Rubric to find out what the teacher was looking for in their maps. I found that 2nd graders had no problem using Google Drawing. They were excited to see that their maps looked like the ones they were studying in class. 

Hint: If you plan to integrate Google Drawing into your mapping assessments, make sure to have students copy and paste the objects in the map key, instead of having them create the objects entirely on their own.