Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Design Thinking Process (“The Deep Dive” by Nightline)

This is a three-part video by Nightline that focused on IDEO, a design firm, that uses design thinking principles to create innovative products.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

PD Session: The Hour of Code - Computer Science Education Week (2014)

Each week, our EdTech department presents a new professional development session for our faculty. For this week I developed "The Hour of Code" session to celebrate Computer Science Education Week. The following is the information that is going to be sent to our teachers to promote the session.
The Goals for the Session is to provide teachers with an introduction to computer science aimed to demystify "code," show that anyone can learn the basics, and provide information on why students should learn code.
Student Benefits
  • Be exposed to a new way of understanding their world; see the role of computer science in their daily lives. 
  • Gain vital, transferable skills that can be used in other areas (problem solving, critical thinking, decision-making, creativity, and innovation skills). 
  • Be prepared for future STEM careers
  • Take action regarding social and political issues in their world.