Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Master Project Reflection #3

I have grouped all the resources I will use into two groups.

  • Rationale for implementation

  • Process of implementation

The resources that focus on the rationale of implementation includes articles about student benefits such as, higher achievement in writing and the increase in proficiency in 21st century skills and literacy. The process of implementation includes articles that describes step-by-step method of implementing a 1:1 computing program, and also its rationale for these steps that are backed by research. I also hope to cite the textbook I am using in my EDEL 590 called The New Meaning of Educational Change by Michael Fullan. This book discusses numerous strategies that bring successful change, in this case would be the implementation of the 1:1 program. A summary of chapters 1 and 2 is in my previous post titled History of Change in Education and Strategies for Change.

It was quite confusing in the beginning to know where to cite my resources. I first thought that all my research articles would be placed in the lit review, but this was not true.

Goal of the week: I hope to at least complete 3/4 of section 1.

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