Friday, September 2, 2011

Google Chrome Apps Synced

So this morning Mark, the 3rd to 5th grade computer teacher, came up to me and with great enthusiasm told me about the free Google educational apps that were made for elementary school students. He also explained that these apps could be downloaded onto your Google Chrome web browser (New Tab page) and can be synced to any other computer that has Google Chrome. He thought it would be great for students to go to one place and be provided with numerous educational apps.  A web browser with numerous educational apps is a great place for students to go to after they complete the objectives of my lessons. It would be a reward and a learning opportunity for the students who use the apps. Apps are also great because they usually focus on one aspect of their education. If I know a student is having trouble in math, I can instruct him to go the math app after he finishes the objective of my lesson. This New Tab page would be used similarly to bookmarking utilities, but I think the process of downloading apps from the Web Store is much easier than looking around for different websites with learning activities on the Web.  

So that’s what I spent most of my afternoon doing, installing Google Chrome onto all the computers. First I updated Java and Adobe Reader on each computer. Second I created a new gmail account so that I could use it solely for the purpose of syncing apps. Next I downloaded as many free educational apps I believed would be beneficial to my students onto the main computer of my classroom. Then I installed Google Chrome for every computer and synced it to the new gmail account. 

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