Thursday, September 1, 2011

Master Project Reflection #2: Rationale of 1:1

So I just finished Skyping Tim Green about my master’s project. He seemed to be okay with my new topic. However, he told me to alter one aspect with my plan. He told me my focus should be more on one topic. I told him that I wanted to investigate the benefits of 1:1 computing programs, and also investigate the most effective method of implementing a program like this. Tim explained that the benefits of 1:1 would be the reason why educators should implement the program. This concept should be included in the rationale, with citations of resources, and not in the actual handbook. The handbook would be only about the effective implementation process. 

He also asked me to email him with my edited version. This leads me to what I want to accomplish for the rest of the week. 

  • Email Tim with new revised questions.

  • Use the questions to make a new outline (questions will guide the process)

  • Finish a 1st draft (hopefully)

Let’s see how it goes. 

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