Friday, June 29, 2018

Design Thinking Tool for Test Phase - Feedback Capture Grid

Two years ago, I created a video about a project where 2nd grade students took on the role of IDEO Toy Lab inventors to design and build a toy for their kindergarten schoolmates. Our 2nd grade students used the Feedback Capture Grid during the testing phase to elicit feedback from their end users. 
Toy Lab Inventor Project:
I would like to also give a special thanks to the following people for making this project possible: Kindergarten and 2nd grade students, Alice Ahn, Denise Brohm, Virginia Nakauchi, Gene MacLachlan, Heidi Peterson, Paul Duffy, and Jessica Jacobsen. 

Intro music by Ryan Little “Summer Dreams”:
Background Music from - "Find My Clarity" by Sebastian Lestapier


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