Saturday, January 12, 2013



Stevie Bathiche, the Director of Research in Microsoft’s Applied Sciences Group, showed the Verge the projects they are working on to hopefully one day develop a holodeck (simulated reality facility).  

Why would this be considered EdTech? Well, it seems that a holodeck classroom could be in our future (probably in the far future). A holodeck classroom full of students can interact with their simulated surroundings and teacher. Theoretically, students would be able to experience any type learning activity through this simulation.


Holodeck from a episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation

Flat Stereoscopic 3D Display that is steerable (As your head pivots or zooms in and out, the 3D image appropriately alters to make it seem like you are in the room.)

  • Special lens that shoots light out into your specific eye

  • Specific lights will turn on and off depending on where your head

  • Two strips of light that send different images to each of your eyes

Place cameras into the display

  • Display picks up your movement so that you can manipulate objects

  • Tracking is done FROM the display screen: capability to see infrared light and visible light, which will eventually lead to the goal of two people touching each other in a simulated reality

Stevie Bathiche believes that these projects are the components to the eventual “holodeck.”

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